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The Founding Father RPG

Pretened to be a founder
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Founding Fathers
Hi! WELCOME! This is a community where you pick a founding father, create a journal, and then post crazy made up stories about founders - HAVE FUN!!!

1) no bad language
2)no offensive speech
3)historical fiction or real, try not to do something to far out
4)no slash
5)HAVE FUN!!!!!!!! =)

And we are your presidents

salveevery1 (Edward Rutledge) and 1776_nixongurl (John Adams)

List of choosen founders HAVE FUN Choosing and Playing!!!!!!!!!!!!!! =)

Journal Founder Played By
erutledge Edward Rutledge salveevery1
johnadams2nd John Adams 1776_nixongurl
alex_hamilton1 Alexander Hamilton alexander_rowe
bens_friend Ben Franklin securaoberonis
tomjefferson3 Thomas Jefferson schweetinsanity
chrisisthelawr Lt. Colonel Thomas Knowlton
1700s, 1776, abigail adams, abraham clark, alexander hamilton, america, american history, anti fedralists, arthur middleton, ben franklin, benjamin harrison, benjamin rush, big signutures, blue uniforms, boston tea party, boycotting taxes, button gwinnett, carter braxton, ceaser rodney, charles carroll, classical music, common sense, constitution, continetal congress, cool clothes, declaration of independence, edward rutledge, elbridge gerry, fedralists, founding fathers, francis hopkinson, francis lewis, francis lightfoot lee, freedom, fun, george clymer, george read, george walton, george washington, george wythe, haha, historical craziness, history, independence hall, james smith, james wilson, john adams, john dickinson, john hancock, john hart, john jay, john morton, john penn, john witherspoon, joseph hewes, josiah bartlett, king george, lafayette, lewis morris, lexington and concord, liberty, liberty bell, libertys kids, long dresses, lyman hall, matthew thornton, mob caps, mountichilo, mt vernon, nathan hale, oliver wolcott, patrick henry, patriots, paul revere, philadelphia, philip livingston, powdered wigs, red coats, richard henry lee, richard stockton, robert morris, robert treat paine, roger sherman, samuel adams, samuel chase, samuel huntington, saratoga, stamp act, stephen hopkins, tea, thomas heyward jr, thomas jefferson, thomas lynch jr, thomas mckeen, thomas nelson jr, thomas stone, townshead act, tri courner hats, valley forge, william ellery, william floyd, william hooper, william paca, william whipple, william williams