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New and a question

Hello to all!

I'm glad I've found this, and I'd like to ask... is Lt. Colonel Thomas Knowlton free? I'd like to have a try on him. (Yes, you guessed, I'm a Dreamer fan.)
These I wrote on a 1776 fanfiction com. (they were written two years apart lol!)

"Its done" Adams looked around the room everyone from balding/aging Ben Franlin with his plump tummy and witty smile down to Handsome young Auburn Edward Rutledge now had their life in grave danger if the British caught them he himself already had death threts.

"Mr.Adams...." Adams tured suprized to see Neddy's Cristel eyes looking at him. "You have your dream...."

Just then Rutledge and Adams both heard a huge noise out side the congressmen ran to the window to find a rock smashed through it.......


the note read: "Get out ofPhiladelphia, or we will come after you!"

Rutledge cringed as the writting leaped off the note, the words pierced into his heart. What had he gotten himself into?  the war was now on, no side was going to surrender in a way it resembled a modern BarlowGirl song "This is a war GO pick your side! its time to move NOT time to hide DON'T let LIES make up your mind can't you see we are running out of time!!!!"


Who wants to continue?? :)

johnadams2nd/NixonGirl   I miss you!!!!! I miss everyone else on here also!
Dear Congress,
How have you been?
I hope the British didn't capture y'all :(

are you guys there?
  God Bless you,
my dear friends,
your most affectionate &etc,
-Ed. Rutledge

OCC: Yes the whole closing was from Edward's real letters :)
FROM:Edward Rutledge


Well its been quiet here lately i'm just wondering how is everybody? the British didn't catch any of you did they? I hope not!

Edward Rutledge walked into congress one moring, they were voting on independence all of a sudden........................your turn!

Title: If You Could Save Only One Thing
Author: 1776_nixongurl
Characters: Dolley Madison, James Pennyworth, Captain Henry Creshire, Lissy Maye
Summary: Dolley Madison faces the fight of her life...
*Author's Notes: So this a bit of a departure from our normal time period, but I had some inspiration. Dolley Madison was the wife of President James Madison (he wrote the Constitution). While her husband was in office, the War of 1812 was going on. This was another wa which pitted the Americans against the British. One night, when President Madison was out of Washington, British soldiers marched to the White House and burned it down. This story is meant to chronicle Dolley's experiences as she fled from the British.*


Read more...Collapse )

New Story?

(I thought of a new start for another story line jump right in!)

Neddy awoke one cold,fridged,windy morning it was his birthday! :)
  He walked down the icy, slipery road into congress.
    the tall buildings looked down on him.

the sun shone brightly on the streets off Philadelphia, a light zephyr brush slowly through Edward Rutledge's hair as he talked to his friends...............................

Jump Right Congress!!!! :)

Wink at Small Faults... Chapter 7

Title: Wink at Small Faults...
Author: 1776_nixongurl
Rating: PG
Characters: Benjamin Franklin, George Washington, Alexander Hamilton
Benjamin could barely stay awake at that day at the Convention. His age was certainly beginning to take its toll. His once strong gait had become weak with limping; his sharp mind slightly dulled; and the piercing blue eyes could barely provide vision. He could not hear the ongoing debate, but it still bored him to tears. He longed for his days in France again...
 "Dr. Franklin?" Alexander Hamilton yelled as he sook the old man. "This is no time for napping, work must be done."
 "Certainly, Alex," Dr. Franklin chuckled," you have learned to let sleeping dogs lie. You are worse than our dear Mr. Adams."
 A roar of laughter was heard throughout the chambers. John Dickinson found the comment especially funny and proceeded to pat Benjamin upon the back.
 "Mr. Hamilton," Washington said in his commanding voice," if there is nothing else to say, then would you kindly sit down?"
 Hamilton blushed slightly and sat back down.
 Benjamin looked down at his paper and began to doodle across the sheet. He let his mind wander throughout time; making stops in his boyhood. And he finally stopped on a particularly fond memory, that of his family. He could faintly remember them, except for Francis, the golden child. A small tear dripped down his cheek and he wiped it off before anyone could see it. He then thought of the day when he could once again see those that he had turned away; this made the corners of his mouth turn up to form a peaceful smile.
 Great was a word you could use to describe him; wise was another. Yet all of these superficial words did not truly describe the man. For, what truly describes a man? His accomplishments? His beliefs? None of these make a man. What makes a man is not what the public may see, but what they may not.
 This was the world that Benjamin Franklin knew. The outside world merely witnessing a great performance, not looking at the actual man. A tortured soul disguised by a disarming smile. The appearance of great company disguising how truly alone the man was. The relief of death would came only too soon.


Were is papish_cat  - Who plays John Jay?
  I saw she deleted her journal.

Wink at Small Faults...Chapter 6

Title: Wink at Small Faults...
Author: 1776_nixongurl
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Franklin in France

There was a great superficiality about France that seemed to draw Benjamin in. The mystique of the powdered women and the faint allure of a smoke-filled ballroom proved to be magic in his eyes. Here, propriety seemed to be lost and the only thing left was primal desires. He didn't mind the fact that they looked at him as though he were somewhat savage. He didn't mind the elaborate costume that he had to wear in order to seem more "rustic." To him, this new lifestyle seemed to bring him away from his own tragic existance. And the game of diplomacy was even more joyful now that he held countries in the balance. His cat and mouse game with the French government never ceased to entertain him.
 "Dr. Franklin!" John Adams yelled with great exasperation.
 "John," Benjamin yawned," you will never see the virtues of silence..."
 "Nor will you see the virtues of moral living..."
 John finished his statement by pointing towards a woman's stocking that was on Benjamin's bed. Benjamin gave a smile and began to ready himself for another day of charming.
 "How is your darling wife?" Ben spoke in between spells of humming.
 "Abigail is just fine..." John began with his fiery voice. "However, I would never dare treat her to this establishment. She would die of revulsion."
 "Honestly, John... If you have such an aversion to my home and lifestyle then why do you choose to come?"
 John had the expression of a scared horse, with his large mouth agape. Several seconds passed before John put his mouth together and turned away; Benjamin laughed at the unusual spectacle.
 "I must leave now, Dr. Franklin," John said," I am meeting Thomas for breakfast and I would hate to be late."
 "Good-day Mr. Adams," Benjamin called out.
 He smiled, happy to be rid of that bore. He looked out of the window and into the vast gardens below. The flowers were in full bloom, giving the scene an etherial presence. Benjamin wondered about what to do with his remaining time in France; better yet, what to do with today.
 A knock was heard upon the gilded door that shook Benjamin from his reverie. A small man with a pink ruffled frock-coat entered. He carried himself as though he were a king, holding his head high.
 "Good day, Dr. Franklin," the man sneered in a lilting French accent. "I am your new secretary. I will be in charge of all of your papers now."
 "Thank you, monsieur," Benjamin said as he tried to prevent a chuckle from escaping. "However, I am perfectly capable of maintaining my own correspondence... I am not as old and helpless as you may all wish. Well, maybe I am old..."
 "American," the surly French-man muttered under his breath as he exited the room.
 Benjamin could not help but to smile at the man's comment...